I know right! Shock horror!

This is the girl who promises to blog frequently every time she forgets to blog for a month every month! #

This thing I have committed to??????

It’s the NaNoWriMo Young Writers Program!!!

I have to write a novel in a month. My target word count is 30,000 words.

I honestly don’t know how the hell I am going to do this but I really want to and at the end of it, if I reach my word count target I win 5 copies of the manuscript THAT I WROTE!!! HOW FREAKING COOL IS THAT!!!

So yeah that means blogging is probably going to be replaced with wirting A NOVEL!!!!! What I might do is every time I write a bit, I will post it on here and then I kill two birds with one stone (metaphorically)

So that’s all really

Oh yeah and Beth if you’re reading this, I left my coat and pillows at yours and I would really like my pillows back – because you know how I am about my pillows… (not so much bothered about the coat – although it is a very nice coat and I would like that back too but ya know!)





Oh no another feels post!

Yeah but whatever! I just feel like I need to offload somewhere and no one seems to give a shit at the moment and I don’t particularly like talking to people so… I know some people are gonna be like “You’re just doing this for attention” and stuff but no I’m not I’m doing this because I’m allowed to post what I damn well like and this is my flipping blog and if you don’t like it, don’t read it.

Right so;

  1. I have lost my best friend
  2. Some of my ‘friends’ went and told a teacher something about another friend and now that friend is being told that she has to speak to a counselor and they are going to split our friendship group up
  3. Almost every single one of my ‘friends’ has something wrong with them at the moment
  4. Due to the above fact, I am getting their problems dumped on me. I don’t mind that it’s just that if I then have a problem I can hardly go and tell them
  5. When I do say I’m upset I then get told that I am attention seeking
  6. People are now accusing me of things I haven’t done due to people picking sides and spreading rumours
  7. I am fairly certain that one of my friends’ mother hates me.
  8. I have also been told that me and the friend in number 7 are not good for each other and shouldn’t be friends
  9. I have also been told that I am not allowed to go to the Watsky gig on November 3rd
  10. Halloween is going to be shit because I am not doing anything
  11. My plans for next year’s Summer in the City will probably not be going ahead

So basically everything for the past 4 weeks has been falling apart and I just feel like shit. I literally do not want to move from my room and I don’t want to talk to anyone.

Sorry for the sob story!



Living in music

I live for music. Music is my life. I love listening to it and making it. A world without music, for me, would be a pretty shitty world. Especially now, I practically live in my headphones. It’s an escape. It blocks out the world and putting your earphones in is the universal sign for fuck off and don’t talk to me. It’s like a way to tell someone to get lost without actually screaming in their face.

I would fall apart without music. The only thing that stops me crying is putting my earphones in and just sitting and staring into nothing. I wish I could listen to music in class. It would keep me so much calmer!

So yeah, I just thought that I would express my undying love for music!