As Promised…

Yep so here I am again. Not to apologise for not writing this time. This time I’m here to tell you what has been going on in the life of Tabby (the bumbling, mostly useless, teenage girl).

So let’s start with September…
– I started year eleven
– I started mentoring in drama on Saturdays which means I spend 8 hours in a drama studio on a Saturday which I love.
– I found I get to be DSM (deputy stage manager) for a production full of small children which means I call cues and curtains and lights and songs and run the show from the wings
– I started rehearsals for pantomime and also the Shakespeare Schools Festival
– I took a lot of selfies

– I went to a campout (details to follow in separate blog post containing a hypothetical cockerel called Trevor)
– I got very very drunk
– I got very very very drunk
– My default greeting is now “BONJOUR!” in a thick yorkshire accent
– I now say merci instead of thanks

– I slowly started turning french
– I went to bonfire night with a massive group of friends which was awesome
– I went on a trip to Whitby for coursework and had fish and chips in a restaurant and pretended to be civilised
– I went to a party and fell over a lot
– I woke up with a lot of bruises and had no idea why I had them
– I ate a lot of pizza
– I performed in the Shakespeare Schools Festival (our school won) I got to eat haribos on stage and be mean to the audience and look really sassy which was fun
– I made up a badass handshake with my pantomime friend

– Pantomime starts
– I destain myself from punching several small children
– I took a lot of selfies in a cat costume
– I took a lot of selfies in a 50’s costume
– I had a social gathering for avid lovers of pizza and nachos
– I took my dog for a walk at midnight and saw a drunk man lying on the ground
– I saw another drunk man trying to walk straight
– I laughed
– Trip to Ikea whilst wearing a mushroom hat
– Took more selfies
– NEW YEAR!!!!

– Started wearing hats
– Took a picture of an adorable small child wearing my hat
– Went to a party and had jelly shots which i think are simply the best idea in the world
– Planned for my birthday party

It’s my birthday on Friday and I’m having a house party and I’m really excited but kind of scared at the same time… But mainly excited!

I also didn’t mention but I had my mock exams through November and December whilst only being in school 3 days a week due to performing… Which was interesting…
I’m happy with my results though. I did much better than I expected.

I hope you all have a lovely rest of the week and until I next see you,




10 Things You Really, Really Shouldn’t Do In Public

Okay guys, I have some more news! (No George I have not been dumped…yet) My news is that I am going to blog every day this week from today, Sunday 27th, to Sunday 3rd of February. Every one of the posts that I write this week is going to be  list. So if I enjoy doing this then I will change the theme each week and for every day that week I will write something within that theme (if you get me…)

The theme for this week is… Lists (but you already knew that because I said it earlier but I don’t care!)

So onwards with my advice…  10 things you really, really shouldn’t do in public

1. Squeeze a spot. Eww gross! Please save this disgusting habit for somewhere where the rest of us don’t have to watch!

2. Don’t talk to yourself. It looks weird, people will avoid you and there is a chance you will end up in a mental institution!

3. Announce your sexuality. Yes it’s fabulous that you are happy with yourself but to be honest it does freak people out a little if you just randomly yell that your bi/straight/gay/lesbian.

4. Throw up. This is key if you have been drinking. Please resist the urge, even if it means swallowing it. Act cool and classy. Also throwing up is disgusting and I really don’t want to see it.

5. Check if your underarms smell. Just no. Don’t do it. Ever.

6. Ask people to guess what colour socks you’re wearing. It’s strange.

7. One for the girls. Don’t pull your pants out of your bum. I don’t care if your thong is practically tearing you in half just don’t do it please.

8. One for the guys. Argue with your girlfriend. We don’t want to know your problems, we have our own. Also your girlfriend is probably right so there is no need to argue

9. Spit. Please don’t casually spit on the path or anywhere I don’t want your spit on my shoe thanks.

10. Shout. I really, really don’t give a fuck about what you did last night and I really don’t care if your friend is on the other side of the road either! You don’t have to tell us all.

So there we are this took me ages so I hope you enjoyed this! Please comment with what you want me to post about, it can be a list about anything! Please like this if you liked it and please follow!!!


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