Haven’t blogged, won’t blog, can’t blog


I haven’t blogged because I forgot, sorry. Won’t blog because I’m on holiday. Can’t blog because I’m sat in an airport about to fly to Turkey. My flight has been delayed by two hours and I’m bored so I thought I would tell you all something and this is that something. So yeah sorry and I hope everyone has a nice summer holiday and in two weeks when I get back I might put a load of pics on here from my holiday. So yeah bye.


I know I said I would post…

But I’ve been busy. Very busy. I have set up my own business styling people’s hair for prom and balls and stuff. I have my first client tomorrow. So that’s exciting.

Oh yeah and I have another job cleaning my Grandad’s place every Saturday morning.

I have also been doing this really big project for school.

My dad also went and bought a table tennis table and I have been practising every night so that I can beat this really annoying guy that I like to take the piss out of. Elly reckons I fancy him but I’m taken and he’s old. (He’s sixteen… Okay so not that old but yeah…)

I won’t be doing a proper post until like Sunday because I’m going to a party tonight (I know, not like me but let’s be adventurous) and then I have work tomorrow.

I also made a cake that cost over £20 to make and I will put a picture up soon.

I need to go now because I’m in lesson and supposed to be doing something…