I Bloody Hate Weddings

Currently (i mean friday when i actually wrote this), I’m sat in a car with my family travelling to Luton for a wedding.

I hate weddings. It’s never like in the movies when you go to a wedding and there’s this really cute guy and you end up dancing and making out and then the night gets a little more interesting. No. There is never anyone my age, the food is always this posh stuff that you have no idea whether it’s edible or not and then there’s the awkward dance/disco thing after a lengthy service and freaky food where you all kind of sit awkwardly around the edge of the dance floor and listen to the shitty music selection that people with no taste have put together. There’s also the whole waiting around for hours between the vows and the wedding breakfast which makes you so hungry you only have two options; starve or resort to cannibalism and eat the bride’s mother.

More disadvantages include…..

  • being stuck in the car with your family for 5 hours
  • having to share a hotel room with your family
  • having absolutely everyone disregard the rules of privacy and personal space
  • having your parents constantly ask why you insist on getting changed in the bathroom
  • wearing a dress and having to look presentable
  • being separated from the internet (apparently its rude to take your macbook to a wedding?)
  • having no one to talk to for several hours
  • not being able to watch Breaking Bad or Supernatural
  • most of the time you don’t even know the people being married

I have been to only one wedding about which I could say was a good wedding. This was my mum’s cousin’s wedding.

Things that made it good……

  • began later in the day so I could sleep in
  • service was short
  • during the wait there was loads of cake and drink and snacks and I didn’t go hungry (for a change)
  • they put out loads of games like giant jenga and monopoly during the wait
  • it was held at this awesome business school/castle which you could explore
  • for the wedding breakfast, anyone under 16 got chicken and chips (yay edible food)
  • for the dancing they had loads of silly hats for people to get dressed up
  • they had these flip-flops for anyone wearing heels whose feet needed a break
  • FREE BAR!!!!!

So erm yeah *awkwardly shuffles out through window*………….

*climbs back through window* Oh yeah and I’m in Strasbourg next week so expect pictures!!!!!!

*quietly leaves through door*




Sneakily blogging in biology

Yeah so I’m blogging in biology and I’m bored. So yeah…

NaNoWriMo isn’t going well. My first set back was when I got all my inspiration photos to stick in my book and then couldn’t print them off anywhere. Fuck.

Anyway I have a clear vision but I want to take my time with it and have decided to start the first draft and use NaNoWriMo as inspiration to kickstart my novel writing. The first chapter will be called…





I know I said I would post…

But I’ve been busy. Very busy. I have set up my own business styling people’s hair for prom and balls and stuff. I have my first client tomorrow. So that’s exciting.

Oh yeah and I have another job cleaning my Grandad’s place every Saturday morning.

I have also been doing this really big project for school.

My dad also went and bought a table tennis table and I have been practising every night so that I can beat this really annoying guy that I like to take the piss out of. Elly reckons I fancy him but I’m taken and he’s old. (He’s sixteen… Okay so not that old but yeah…)

I won’t be doing a proper post until like Sunday because I’m going to a party tonight (I know, not like me but let’s be adventurous) and then I have work tomorrow.

I also made a cake that cost over £20 to make and I will put a picture up soon.

I need to go now because I’m in lesson and supposed to be doing something…





Today I am doing a fashion post! I am at school now so I can’t write everything that I want to. However, I do have a list that I want to share with you! This is the list of things that will soon be appearing in my fashion posts!!!

1. What I wore to the seaside.

2. How to do simple nail designs

3. Generational Fashion

4. My favourites

5. My must haves

6. Hairstlyes with hairbands

7. The milkmaid braid (dutch braid)

8. My make up

9. Sunglasses

10. The sock bun

Okay so there are ten posts that will be headed your way soon. So later on today I will be posting again and that post will be something off this list…



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I am in Geography and I am sneakily writing a blog

Hello. I am sneakily writing a post. Again. I am meant to be researching the 2004 tsunami and the effects it had on Asia.

Anyway. How was everyone’s weekend? Good? Bad? Well I will give the appropriate response to both. Oh yay. Oh no.

I have just had a maths lesson in which I created a new animal. It is a hybrid. It is called… The Shig! It is a pig and a sheep! I will draw it and post it on here later.



Oh yeah I went to drama on Saturday and we were acting out 9/11 using physical theatre and music and my group did a scene on a plane and I got to have a breakdown and I managed to cry and shake and I made people cry! As an amateur actress that is one of the best compliments ever. It means that you made it real enough to make someone experience such a strong emotion! So yay!

I am going now so I will leave you with this.

Bye bye


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I am in ICT and I am sneakily writing a blog!

Hello I am meant to be doing some work but like normal I can not be bothered so I am writing this post and it probably does not make much sense. I have just been called a stripper!? Erm no, I can assure you I’m not. We are having a non uniform day today and my mum experimented with fake tan on my legs last night and let’s just say, I won’t be wearing shorts for a while. I am going to write a script now for a video I am making so goodbye!