Long time no see…
I’m not really sure what to say…

I haven’t been here in a while. It feels weird to be sat at my desk again typing and hoping that maybe someone finds me interesting enough to read whatever drivel spills out of my messy brain.

Let’s start with why I stopped blogging:
Basically I didn’t have the time. I stopped watching youtube and all the things i used to do purely because I didn’t have the time. I started pantomime rehearsals, I swapped friend groups and started going to parties and stuff and exam stress set in and I found it hard to make time for this any more.
With blogging however, it was always a little more. It was important for me. It was helpful. This site is like a support network and writing was a release. There were people here who were in the same position as me and it was nice to talk to them. And I have missed that. I have also missed writing. I stopped because I didn’t feel I was any good at it. In school I didn’t like English so I thought I was a useless writer. I also didn’t need the release so much anymore. I started to get better. I pulled myself up. I got more confident and for a while I had to be selfish and focus on me. It was a delicate time. I knew how easy it would be for me to fall back and lose my confidence and I had to change what I surrounded myself with. No YouTube no WordPress. I had to force myself to go outside.

Now let’s do why I’m back:
Quite simply because I enjoy being here (virtually). Recently I’ve been getting a lot of comments on how much people have enjoyed my last few posts (specifically the running one – yes I get it, we like to laugh at my expense, I’m hilarious, I’m north yorkshire’s answer to Miranda) and that’s kind of encouraged me to pursue my writing – thank you kind people for your encouraging words on how funny it is when I make a fool of myself in public. Also, in my mock exams I did really well in English. Really well, and I was really fucking proud, because I thought it was like my second weakest subject. I’ve kind of got to the point where I don’t really give a shit about what people have to say about me. I used to care so much when the “popular” girls took the piss out of me for having a blog and I used to let it get to me. Now, with only 4 months left at school with those bitches I don’t care what they say because I know whatever I set my mind to, I will succeed. And to quote Taylor Swift “I’m just gonna shake it off”

Mint. Covered the necessary. Be back soon to update y’all on the recent occurrences in my life because right now I’m sat in the pitch black of my room, only illuminated by my laptop screen when I should really be asleep…

I’m praying this snow will lay and get thicker so I don’t have to go into school tomorrow and explain to my English teacher who hates my guts why I haven’t done her homework that was due in today and tell my maths teacher that I didn’t do her homework because she set it yesterday, I didn’t have the desire nor the time to do it, and that the main reason I haven’t done it is because she’s an incompetent fool who I don’t have the time of day for.



10 Things to do at School

Hello one and all! I am in a particularly happy mood at the moment (apart from my best friend going all moody on me (I think it’s because I told her she tuned her ukulele wrong, or something like that) and not finishing my Graphics project) this is mainly because I am eating chocolate right now and it releases happy endorphins in your body!

Sorry minor detour here but I need to ask something. I came home from school today and taped to the living room door was a note addressed to me and my sister and it had 2 ten pound notes attached. The note said that this was this month’s pocket-money (we have never had pocket-money before, ever) but we could only take it if we thought we had done enough to deserve it i.e had we walked the dog, kept our rooms tidy, put laundry in the laundry bin and done things without being asked? I know that I am really lazy. I mean really, really lazy, but as┬ámuch as I am lazy I am quite honest. So I didn’t take the money and neither did my sister. Is it just my parents that do this or have you experienced something like this too? Is this guilt tripping or them trying to tell whether we are honest or not? I reckon they’ve been watching too much Supernanny!

Anyhoo… On with the list. 10 Things to do at School! (WARNING: You may seem a little strange if you do this but it is really good fun!)

1. Gallop. You can do this Monty Python style, Miranda style or even Gangnam style (but that’s mainstream)

2. Ask a teacher (in the style of Nathan from Misfits) “If a bear and a shark had a fight, who would win?”

3. Ask endless questions.

4. Start an argument on the existence of God in Religious. Or the morals of euthanasia. It’s guaranteed to waste the lesson and probably make your teacher forget about the homework she was about to give you.

5. Wear a fake moustache. You must act completely normal.

6. Wear an animal mask. This works best if you do this with a group of friends.

7. Corridor racing. My friend Hatty and I invented this. You kneel on the floor and push yourself along with your hands. It also works if you go backwards on your bum. It’s like wheelchair racing without the wheelchair!

8. Play poker. I got kicked out the class for playing Go Fish! The best card game is spoons. Look it up if you don’t know how to play it.

9. “Accidentally” set fire to something in chemistry. Alternatively turn the gas taps on and hold a lit spill to them. CUE RING OF FIRE!!!

10. Run around with no shoes on. It’s fun and you can slide around and I just like doing it. If you can, get a metre stick and poke people as you run around!

Okay. That is my list for today! I hope you enjoy and George before you ask I have done everything on this list except number 9 but Beth knows someone who has. Try these at school it really does make the day more interesting! Please comment what you want the list to be tomorrow as I am running out of ideas!


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Miranda Moment…

Okay I’m just going to say it. I will come right out with it and I permit you to laugh at my giant fail!
It all started this morning when I got up, half asleep, at 7:45. I was getting changed and I grabbed (what i thought was) the deodorant and sprayed. Yes you Miranda watchers have guessed it… IT WAS THE FUCKING HAIRSPRAY!!! So then I did what any normal person would do and hopped around my room screaming “SHIT, IT BURNS!!!” Sometimes I am so like Miranda it is unreal! The moral of this story is make sure you NEVER, EVER put hairspray on your underarms – it fucking kills!

So anyway it’s my options evening tonight and just to make it even more confusing they have added three new options for us to choose from! ARE THEY DELIBERATELY TRYING TO MAKE MY LIFE HARDER!? I can’t make decisions! I’m only 14!

Okay I need to go because it’s my lunch break and there might very well be a cute boy hiding in the library…

Bye xxx
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I’m Sorry!!!!!

I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry! I said I would write a post and I didn’t I am so, so sorry! My only explanation is that my blog fell down two flights of stairs whilst wearing heels and was in hospital in a coma… I could say that but that would be lying and you deserve the truth!
The real reason I have not blogged is because I have been really ill (I had some sort of virus) over Christmas and haven’t been able to get out of bed! I kept coughing and getting flushes and getting dizzy and all that jazz! Alas, I am back but I can’t stay because I am still quite ill and need to go to sleep! I just thought you deserved an explanation of why my blog suddenly stopped! Anyway I am currently trying to decide whether to but Miranda Hart’s autobiography or to buy the Skulduggery Pleasant books (the newest two).
Just in case you’re wondering (but you’re probably not) I had a good Christmas in between coughing my guts up! The pantomime went really well and got amazing reviews and I am definitely auditioning for it this year! I got an iPhone 4 for Christmas so I’m happy and 2 fluffy dressing gowns!!! Anyway I really need to go now so I will try to blog tomorrow but I probably won’t!

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