I hate it when people assume things

I hate it when people just assume things. They think they know everything, when in fact, they have no idea what’s actually going on. The same as jumping to conclusions. Just let things play out and then judge it. Don’t judge halfway through. Again that saying ‘Don’t judge a book by it’s cover’, says everything. You can’t just presume what someone is like by looking at them.

If you wonder what I’m getting at, it’s this. People look at me and think ‘She has an easy life’ everyone has secrets and you don’t know all of them and never will. You won’t know their history, their likes, dislikes and you won’t know them. You can be best friends with someone and I can guarantee that there is something they won’t know about you. You may think that your problem is the worst and that it makes your life awful but that problem might be nothing to someone else. My point is everyone has problems and to you they might seem like nothing but to them, their problem is equally as bad as yours.

Sorry about the rant, I just felt a bit angry and needed to say how I felt! Sorry for not posting yesterday, I forgot what day it was and that I was meant to be posting something!

New video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lhb8FjLCbUg&feature=youtu.be


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I think I will call this post ‘I don’t know what to call this post!’

There. Now we have the title out of the way we can move on.

Facebook has changed on my phone and I do not like the new chat thingy. In fact, I hate it.

My dog threw up today. Twice. Whilst we were eating. I did not want to eat anymore.

I like writing short sentences today.

I have drama tomorrow. Two lots of two hour sessions.

On Sunday I have auditions for the pantomime. I hope I get in.

My room is being painted. It’s looking good.

My sister is ill. She is watching MY Harry Potter box set.

New Youtube Video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vLjDvxh_Tfw&feature=youtu.be

That is all!



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I ordered lasagne, I got a pile of shit

20130418-095226 PM.jpg

So we went for lunch and Elly ordered lasagne and she came to the table and I went “what the hell is that?!” And she replied “I don’t know. I ordered lasagne and I got a pile of shit”
I thought I should share this with you all!
I went to my first swimming training session in 5 months tonight and nearly killed myself but I didn’t so it’s okay and I managed to do the sets!
New video on YouTube. You know how to get there plus I’m typing this on my phone and for some reason it doesn’t like to put links in my writing?



I don’t even care!

This seems to be all I’m saying at the moment. “I don’t even care!”

I hate the fact I’m so angry all the time. I can’t help it, I just feel so alone sometimes. No one ever seems to understand me. They think they know me but they have no idea who I really am. They all judge me without knowing me. Even my parents. They ask me why I do things and when I tell them they think the answer is so clear. They think they can solve all my problems but the problem is unique to the person. You might have the same problme but you are a completely different persom to me. You will handle things different to me.

You may think I’m a freak by the way I handle my emotions but this is the only way I know how. I don’t care what you would do if you were me. I don’t care if you think you could fix me

All I want is to be left alone. No questions, no aggravation and no idiot who thinks he knows everything.

Sorry about the rant. I was in a mood. New video on YouTube by the way.




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Hello. I have uploaded a new video on YouTube and it is all about me! There is a link at the bottom of the page!

I don’t really know what to say today…

Broadchurch was good last night. That ending was evil though. Does anyone else watch it? If you do, who do you think killed Danny?

I have a headache. It’s probably because I’m tired.

Did you know it’s not a good idea to wear a pleated skirt when it’s windy? You end up doing a kind of Marilyn Monroe thing!

I am going now. Sorry for the randomness.




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The chosen word and an announcement.

I am so sorry if my spelling is awful today. I am completely knackered and I can’t spell today!

The chosen word is ‘Ocelot‘ picked by http://dailyinformant.wordpress.com


Ocelots are so cute they are like mini leopards and are totally awesome. I really want one as a pet! Ocelots are found in South America and is a similar size to a domestic cat but with the fur of a leopard. They were once hunted and killed for their fur and was classed as an endangered species from 1972-96 but is now rated as ‘least concern’.

The Ocelot is nocturnal and is extremely territorial, marking it’s territory with urine (that’s pee guys!) and sometimes feces (that’s poo!). Despite the fact that these animals normally live in the wild they can sometimes be kept as pets. The famous painter Salvador Dali kept and Ocelot named Babou.

All of the words people suggested were really good but I just couldn’t resist writing about these adorable little animals!!!

Okay my announcement!

I have uploaded my first YouTube video on my channel. It’s not amazing and I am sitting in a bathroom but it’s a start and hopefully you will all go and watch it (hint, hint). Please like it if you enjoyed and yeah…

My posts might become a bit shorter in future weeks because I am getting a ton of homework to prepare for end of year tests and it’s killing me!

Here’s the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PfvK6Xt4U3w&feature=youtu.be

I am now going to have a bath and get ready to watch Broadchurch!



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Hi everyone!

I would like to take this opportunity to say… THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR FOLLOWING MY BLOG!

I really appreciate it and although it’s not a ton of followers it is quite a big achievement for me. I have actually stuck with it and I know I’m not the most consistent blogger and at least half of my posts are rants but I actually feel like I am doing something worthwhile. I hope what I write is entertaining and makes you realise that no matter how big of a fail you feel, I can almost guarantee that I have done something worse and that I make you feel better about your life!

I would like to thank





















So yeah, thanks everyone!

To celebrate 20 followers I would like you all to comment one word and I will pick a word and whatever that word is I will write a post about that word. It can be anything apart from ‘the’, ‘a’, ‘and’.

Get commenting and I will write soon.


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Look at this cat!!!


My leg is really itchy!!!

Yeah so my leg is really itchy and has been for like three days and I don’t know what’s wrong with it! There are no visible signs of anything and it’s really, really itchy! Ahhhhhhhh it’s so annoying!

I’m going swimming tomorrow morning! It’s the first time since November (I went once in January, but I was only in the pool for 30 minutes so it doesn’t count!)! and for someone who is used to training 7-9 hours a week that is a really long time! It’s not a training session but it’s a start. I’m only going because my Dad is teaching some private swimming lessons and then taking me to the doctors so he said that I may as well come to the pool and swim for a bit.

The itch has stopped now. It will be back in about and hour though!

Room update: As you know my room is being redecorated. The picture in my previous post shows the wall being pulled down ready for my walk-in wardrobe. Now that wall has been replaced and has an archway cut in it. It has also been boarded out in the actual wardrobe ready for flooring and painting! Now my Dad is pulling down the roof in the study (next to my room) because it was rotting and ready to fall down.

It’s my Dad’s birthday today and his present didn’t arrive even though I payed like £6 extra for next day delivery. Fucking amazon with their stupid fucking ‘next day deliveries that don’t arrive the next fucking day’

I learnt how to play Bella Hemming’s ‘She might love you if you learnt to play guitar’ on the ukulele without mucking up the Gm chord!

I am sat in my fluffy onesie writing this because I am cold and my Mum sewed up the hole that I found yesterday on it so now it is hole free!

I am addicted to this game called ‘Real Racing 3′. It is DA BOMB! It is awesome but it’s much better to play on the iPad instead of the iPhone or iPod. Probably because it’s a bigger screen.

Anyway I must go. I’m tired and I must watch some more episodes of Doctor Who. I do love shouting the fact that I really don’t like Christopher Eccleston as the Doctor. Urgh, he is too angry and harsh and he shouts too much!

Righto (Why did I say that? Why?)


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My head is exploding

Actually I don’t think it  is… I just really, really wanted to use that title… But… A lot of cool awesome stuff is happening and my head could possibly explode from all the amazing stuff but… it’s highly unlikely. I think it’s probably impossible for someone’s head to explode anyway.

I’m guessing that you want to know what the awesome stuff is right? (No? Well I don’t care, I’m telling you anyway!)

1. The new Doctor Who started on Saturday. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh OMG! It’s awesome. I was a bit disappointed with the lack of running and the fact that it was a really easy victory for the Doctor but hey, new companion and all!

2. I went to London on Sunday and came back yesterday. It was fun but my parents insisted that we were not using the tube (my favourite thing about London) and that we were walking everywhere. I mean everywhere. My parents parked the car by the Mall (free parking on Sundays and public holidays apparently) and we walked to the Tate Modern (the OTHER SIDE OF THE THAMES!), this wouldn’t have been a problem if it weren’t for the fact the it was BLOODY FREEZING! (I know I’m so British!) Then we had to walk back and then around Covent Garden. My feet hurt so much. The great bit was that we spent 4 hours yesterday shopping and I bought loads!!!

3. My room is being redecorated. This is a major thing as my room is awful and my Dad is knockiIMG_0368ng walls out and moving my door and putting a walk in wardrobe for me! Yay! This also means that the top floor of the house is a building site and the sounds of hammers, electric drills and circular saws is constant. It also means I have to share a room with my sister and she smells of gerbils (she doesn’t even have a gerbil!?) and she snores. But my room will look amazing when it’s done!

4. I have a fluffy onesie. I mean fluffy. It is so soft!

5. The doctors have finally found out what the hell is wrong with my back. I have hypermobility and my joints move around because I haven’t got enough collagen to support them. I have been given exercises to strengthen my core so I can support my back better. Although it means I’m really flexible it also means I’m more likely to get arthritis and sprain things as well as having pale thin skin and scarring easily.

6. I got a huge Lindt chocolate egg for Easter and it was so nice!

7. It’s my Dad’s birthday tomorrow and me and my sister bought him a piece of land in Scotland which makes him a Lord!

8. I have mastered the milkmaid braid and it has made my hair curly!

Sorry this post was so long, I needed to get it out of my head before it exploded, even though we know it is not possible for my head to explode. Maybe if someone put dynamite in it…



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