Not a haul post….

Sorry but this time it actually isn’t my fault!!!!

I did try, honestly I did!!!

My dad kept turning the electric off so that he could rewire the kitchen lights so that meant no wifi and my laptop decided to be a penis and not connect to my phone’s personal hotspot so half of the time I couldn’t even get on the internet and then when I could, the photos that I had taken on my phone decided not to sync with my laptop and not go to my photo stream so I couldn’t get the photos on my laptop to upload and everything majorly failed.

I would have uploaded today but I was at laser quest this morning on a ‘family outing’ (yes because shooting your family members is really a way to build bonds!?) and then the electric got turned off yet again and then I had to go and walk my dog and right now I just can’t be bothered with doing a proper post so I’m sorry (I’m not really, I’m just saying that I am)

Anyhow….. I shall post tomorrow…..




DIY Bedroom

Okay so I just got my room redone and its got a cream carpet and all white walls. I can do whatever I want with it as long as it doesn’t cost more than about £250. I want my room to be unique and different so I thought that I would make a lot of the things to go in my room. I already have a few ideas but I need more. So far I’ve got:

1. Floating books

2. Glow in the dark jars

3. Old mirror and then paint the frame and stick old jewellery to it

4. Wall stickers

5. Photo collage

I really need more things that me and my mum can do ourselves so please if you have any ideas comment below!!!

Thank you xxx