NaNoWriMo Update

Yeah so…


I have not even started…

Well this is going spiffingly                      (good word, spiffingly)

I think I want to base it loosely on burlesque/vaudeville and set it in a different time period than the present. Either that or I will set it now and use older burlesque influences and have it like Moulin Rouge!

Oh my gawsh don’t you just love Baz Luhrmann!!!!

It’s just the way he mashes the old and new together… I just love it!!!

So I’m thinking maybe 1920’s but IDK!!!

I like the idea of having a strong female lead who starts off being quite nerdy until she joins a burlesque club and then becomes this amazingly strong independent person…

A little like the transformation Roxie Hart undergoes in Chicago…

I think I’m going to end up just mashing up Chicago, Great Gatsby, Moulin Rouge and Burlesque into one book…

I’ll let you know how that goes…

Ha oh well!

I’ve started carrying around my notebook and I have written down some of my influences and I’ve just printed off a load of pictures that I like and I want them to influence my writing.

I can’t wait to design the cover… That’s all I want to do really… Design the front cover! I already have loads of ideas for that but none for the actual writing!

Anyway better go and do what all the other teenagers are probably doing right now… My homework that I was meant to do at the start of the half term!




Living in music

I live for music. Music is my life. I love listening to it and making it. A world without music, for me, would be a pretty shitty world. Especially now, I practically live in my headphones. It’s an escape. It blocks out the world and putting your earphones in is the universal sign for fuck off and don’t talk to me. It’s like a way to tell someone to get lost without actually screaming in their face.

I would fall apart without music. The only thing that stops me crying is putting my earphones in and just sitting and staring into nothing. I wish I could listen to music in class. It would keep me so much calmer!

So yeah, I just thought that I would express my undying love for music!



It’s over

So despite the play being about everyone dying we actually had a lot of fun with it. I mean there was probably more drama off stage than on but that happens every time youth theatre do a show! Backstage is always the best bit! The jokes, rumours and chocolate eating! So now it is over. All those weeks of rehearsals for two nights. I didn’t get in until 10:30 last night and didn’t sleep till midnight and then I woke up at 4:30 in the morning. So I’m a bit tired but I am not going to bed early tonight. Not when The Apprentice is on!!!

It’s another quick one but I have a lot on my mind and am busy panicking about stuff! I have table tennis tomorrow so everyone can laugh at my lack of co-ordination. I am far too violent for table tennis, I don’t think it’s my sport.

So yeah my mind is already drifting to other matters so I shall go now…





Just a quick one…

Hi, this is me letting you know why I haven’t blogged. Basically I am in a play that is going on stage tomorrow and I have been in the theatre all day today doing the dress and tech rehearsals. It was super stressful and it turns out the person playing my husband doesn’t know their lines after already dumping 10 of them on me last Saturday. Not being funny but if everyone else can learn them I’m sure you can. So I have spent all week learning other people’s lines incase they forget them and rehearsing cues and trying to juggle set designing for my school production and homework. Oh yeah and after finishing my scene for Oliver (our school production), I then took someone else’s scene from them because they bailed and now I’m involved in the animation scene as well because the stupid art graduate that was helping decided he didn’t want to do it!

Also I got my options back for GCSE’s and I can’t take music and science because they are at the same time so I had to pick one and I spent most of last week worrying about what to pick and I finally chose; french, statistics, science and geography. I don’t know whether I’ve taken on too much picking all the brainy subjects.

On a positive not me and Elly started table tennis club on a Thursday. It is a real sport and actually does involve a lot of running (I only started because I thought I wouldn’t have to exert myself!). We are going to go again next week and that may or may not be due to the fact there is a really cute boy there…

Watch this space!




What I wore to the Seaside!

Firstly, I would like to point out that I have burnt my arm.


And onward my dear friends as we take a look at what I like to wear!!!

So as I told you all, I went to the Seaside yesterday and it was BLOODY FREEZING!!! This is me doing my best not to freeze to death.


So yeah it was pretty cold but we had fun nonetheless! Here is me and my mum taking shelter from the wind behind a wall!


And after partially freezing we had fish and chips followed by an hour in the arcade! Here is my sister and I playing Skeeball!


And now for the part you have all been waiting for… WHAT I WORE!!! And where to get it…

IMG_0783 So… I have had these clothes for quite a while so you might not be able to find them but here we go…

Denim Jacket: New Look (Generation)

Dress: Poetry

Belt: New Look

Bag: H&M

Sandals: Store Twenty One

Well there you have it! Number one on the list is done. I hope you enjoyed it because I enjoyed writing (well typing) it and I think I might do another fashion one tomorrow… Hmmm, we’ll see…



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Today I am doing a fashion post! I am at school now so I can’t write everything that I want to. However, I do have a list that I want to share with you! This is the list of things that will soon be appearing in my fashion posts!!!

1. What I wore to the seaside.

2. How to do simple nail designs

3. Generational Fashion

4. My favourites

5. My must haves

6. Hairstlyes with hairbands

7. The milkmaid braid (dutch braid)

8. My make up

9. Sunglasses

10. The sock bun

Okay so there are ten posts that will be headed your way soon. So later on today I will be posting again and that post will be something off this list…



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I’m in a good mood today! I went to ikea yesterday and bought the furniture for my room! I now have a huge desk with a thing with drawers in on top of it so it’s like part dressing table part desk and I LOVE IT!!! I will post some pictures of my new room in another post but today I have something else to talk about!!!

Now that I have my room sorted and I have stopped swimming (oh yeah I have had to quit… long story), I have a lot more free time. Because I have more free time, I am going to try to start blogging and vlogging regularly. I have loads of things that I want to write about but I also want to ask your opinion (yes you, you reading this now!) I would like to know what you want me to write about.

I really want to blog 3 times a week. Once for just like a diary thing, to tell you all about what I’m up to and I want to start writing about fashion. Not just clothes fashion but music and make up and hair and things like that. I know that won’t appeal to everyone but this is my blog and I will do what I damn well please, so like it or lump it! I am a nerd but firstly I am a girl and sometimes I do like to do girly things like paint my nails or read Vogue!

For those who don’t like fashion I still have one more space for blogging. Now I don’t quite know what this one will be so I am going to hold a vote (oooohhhhh, exciting stuff!). Please choose which one you would most like me to write about:

Current Affairs/ Recent News

How to/ Self Help

Product Reviews


Okay so comment which one you would like me to do and the one with the most comments wins!

I know it takes time to comment and half the time you can’t be bothered but please just this once comment! I want to make it something that people will enjoy reading!



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DIY Bedroom

Okay so I just got my room redone and its got a cream carpet and all white walls. I can do whatever I want with it as long as it doesn’t cost more than about £250. I want my room to be unique and different so I thought that I would make a lot of the things to go in my room. I already have a few ideas but I need more. So far I’ve got:

1. Floating books

2. Glow in the dark jars

3. Old mirror and then paint the frame and stick old jewellery to it

4. Wall stickers

5. Photo collage

I really need more things that me and my mum can do ourselves so please if you have any ideas comment below!!!

Thank you xxx




Hello. I have uploaded a new video on YouTube and it is all about me! There is a link at the bottom of the page!

I don’t really know what to say today…

Broadchurch was good last night. That ending was evil though. Does anyone else watch it? If you do, who do you think killed Danny?

I have a headache. It’s probably because I’m tired.

Did you know it’s not a good idea to wear a pleated skirt when it’s windy? You end up doing a kind of Marilyn Monroe thing!

I am going now. Sorry for the randomness.




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I am in ICT and I am sneakily writing a blog!

Hello I am meant to be doing some work but like normal I can not be bothered so I am writing this post and it probably does not make much sense. I have just been called a stripper!? Erm no, I can assure you I’m not. We are having a non uniform day today and my mum experimented with fake tan on my legs last night and let’s just say, I won’t be wearing shorts for a while. I am going to write a script now for a video I am making so goodbye!