What I wore to the Seaside!

Firstly, I would like to point out that I have burnt my arm.


And onward my dear friends as we take a look at what I like to wear!!!

So as I told you all, I went to the Seaside yesterday and it was BLOODY FREEZING!!! This is me doing my best not to freeze to death.


So yeah it was pretty cold but we had fun nonetheless! Here is me and my mum taking shelter from the wind behind a wall!


And after partially freezing we had fish and chips followed by an hour in the arcade! Here is my sister and I playing Skeeball!


And now for the part you have all been waiting for… WHAT I WORE!!! And where to get it…

IMG_0783 So… I have had these clothes for quite a while so you might not be able to find them but here we go…

Denim Jacket: New Look (Generation)

Dress: Poetry

Belt: New Look

Bag: H&M

Sandals: Store Twenty One

Well there you have it! Number one on the list is done. I hope you enjoyed it because I enjoyed writing (well typing) it and I think I might do another fashion one tomorrow… Hmmm, we’ll see…



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Procrastination, Impatience and a Trip to the Seaside

I am meant to be doing my homework right now. Obviously me being the procrastination queen didn’t do any of it all week (no I lie, I did my biology), so now I have to do it this morning so that this afternoon we can go to the seaside. I like the seaside (especially the 2p machines in the arcades) but today I just don’t want to go. It is warm by English standards but I still think it needs to be warmer before we start getting all adventurous and going to the sea.

I had to blog today as I am impatient and I couldn’t wait any longer. Anyway, my post yesterday was written very late at night and so I understand that is probably why only George commented. I’m sorry George but you don’t count as a vote because it’s just silly to let one person decide what I’m going to write about… So I’m going to decide (oh the irony!), it is my blog after all!

The topic is going to be (drumroll please)…


This means that I get to include all of the topics and hopefully there will be something that everyone likes in there!

Okay so I really need to do my homework now so I will see you all (not literally) tomorrow when I will write about…




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