Like for a…

Don’t they annoy you? Like really, really annoy you?

It’s all “Like for a rate <3” and “Like for a para <3”.

And I’m like don’t you people have real lives!? I mean come on! Is your life really that shit that you have to rate other people’s? No offence if you do these like for a things, but seriously! Surely you have something better to do! They fill up my newsfeed and they really annoy me! People with interesting action packed lives don’t do these because they are busy with fun stuff. People with no life sit on Facebook asking people to like statuses so that they can rate them!? Really? WHY DO YOU DO THIS!? I DON’T UNDERSTAND!

Anyway I was watching a video on Youtube¬†by DailyGrace and she said “A woman is defined by being undefined,” and at first I was laughing and thinking “What the hell does that even mean?” Then I thought to myself that what she was saying was pretty cool. I mean I am undefinable! Everyone has so many different interests and qualities that make us up. It is impossible to define a person by what we see because no matter how close you are you will never know everything about them. People change and we are such complex beings that it is ridiculous to even think that we could be defined by what we do or say. Therefore we can be defined as a species by our undefinability! We can be defined but only by the fact that we can’t be defined! That is SO confusing!

Well that was pretty deep! On a more shallow note I am about to eat a Danish pastry and it looks super scrummy! Okay I really need to go now because I really want to eat that pastry and I can’t type and eat!

Hasta Luego…

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