I am in Geography and I am sneakily writing a blog

Hello. I am sneakily writing a post. Again. I am meant to be researching the 2004 tsunami and the effects it had on Asia.

Anyway. How was everyone’s weekend? Good? Bad? Well I will give the appropriate response to both. Oh yay. Oh no.

I have just had a maths lesson in which I created a new animal. It is a hybrid. It is called… The Shig! It is a pig and a sheep! I will draw it and post it on here later.



Oh yeah I went to drama on Saturday and we were acting out 9/11 using physical theatre and music and my group did a scene on a plane and I got to have a breakdown and I managed to cry and shake and I made people cry! As an amateur actress that is one of the best compliments ever. It means that you made it real enough to make someone experience such a strong emotion! So yay!

I am going now so I will leave you with this.

Bye bye


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