I went to school

Double Geography can suck my dick.

Literally my thoughts for two hours of today.

Stupid teacher thought it would be a good idea to give us an exam on the first day back on a topic that we covered at the start of last year, purely because she hadn’t bothered with a lesson plan.

My timetable is death on paper.
On Monday I have double physics and double maths… If someone could kindly shoot me in the face, that would be nice… You don’t even have to do it kindly, just shoot me in the face.

So it’s only the first day and people have already started bitching. Seriously, I can’t be bothered with yo shit! STFU! If you come back from summer holiday and all you can talk about is me, then you clearly had a really boring summer.

Why is it that people feel the need to comment on my life or relationships? Has it got anything to do with you? No. How would you know what was going on in my relationship? Oh you didn’t? That’s funny because you seem to be talking an awful lot about it when you don’t know shit.

On a positive note, I was amused by the tiny year sevens getting lost, staring at their timetable and maps and wandering around in naïvety with hope and optimism glistening in their eyes (give it a term and that will be gone).

That has been my day.


7 thoughts on “I went to school

    • Thank you. If you could use a pretty gun that doesn’t make too much mess that would be much appreciated!
      PS. please clean the carpet afterwards, my mum would have a fit if she saw the mess you’d made.

      • that could totally work. unless you shoot me on ceramic tiles, in which case blood would gather in the bits between the tiles and we (well you – i’d be dead and quite frankly wouldn’t give a shit) might have a problem…. then again, what are rugs for if not to hide the evidence of shooting an internet friend (are we friends now? or acquaintances? I’d like to be friends, you use nice punctuation and have ideas like carpet cleaning/gun combos)

      • In that case I’d wait for the blood to dry and then take a magic marker and color over it so that it’s the color of the tiles. Mission accomplished.
        I’d like to be friends too, we have similar ideas and thoughts, which make us internet friend compatible.

      • For example, in the event that one of our lives go drastically wrong, we know how to kill the other and tidy up the mess. Clearly, this is a strong foundation for internet friendship. Along with the fact that we have the proper use of a comma nailed.

      • It’s really the perfect arrangement: we’ll kill each other if it’s truly needed and use proper punctuation until that time. Internet friendship status; initiated.

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