My favourite book

My favourite book is the Argos catalogue.

There I said it.

It’s not some old fancy interesting cultural book or a classic or anything remotely intellectual.

It has been my favourite book since the age of about 2 and I should think it will remain my favourite book for the rest of my life… Unless they bring out an IKEA catalogue…

I have my own copy of the Argos catalogue. No it’s not my parents copy which I borrow. It is mine. It lives in my room and has approximately 50 pages with corners turned over bookmarking everything I should ever need in the future when I get my own place. Everything from an electric toothbrush to a double oven to spice jars.

I don’t know what it is but I love planning everything. Actually, I do know what it is, I AM A HUGE CONTROL FREAK!

I have to plan everything. I make lists on everything. I have a notebook that no one is allowed to touch even though all it contains is lists of things like “To take to rehearsals”, “Packing list for France”, “Nail Polishes”. Most of it is utterly dull but it is like my brain so no one is allowed to read it because then they might know me too completely and that is never allowed to happen. < See, control freak!

So, in summary, the Argos catalogue is my favourite book because I use it to plan my future life and I need to have it planned because I am a control freak.

If you read this and decided that I need professional help, you are not alone in that observation, please feel free to leave your therapist’s number in the comments or send some nice men with a straight jacket to my house.



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