Things I want to do!

1. Take a gap year and travel (sounds cliché but I really want to go backpacking!)

2. Go to university

3. Live in London for a bit

4. Go to France and stay for a while

5. Write a script for a play

6. Flat share with Elly and/or Beth (let’s make risotto)

7. Read the Bible (so I can argue competently against the existence of God)

8. Get rid of the spider in the corner above my window

9. Find out who George is crushing on (by any chance the ‘fictional’ person you blogged about a while back???)

10. Become fluent in the French language

These are just a few of the things I want to do in my life. Some I would like to achieve in the near future, some are long-term goals!


6 thoughts on “Things I want to do!

  1. Just the thing on the arguing against the existence of God…please don’t go and tell religious people they are wrong. There is nothing to prove God exists, but there’s nothing to prove there isn’t one either. You can choose to not believe in a God but I’m sure you dislike it when religious people badger you to believe in God so don’t tell them not to either. There isn’t a right or wrong – it’s called faith :3

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