Miley Cyrus

Okay so everyone is spouting their opinion about this girl and so I thought I might as well join in!

Everyone is like “OMG! WTAF is wrong with her?!”

I actually admire what she is trying to do, but I just think she’s kind of gone about it the wrong way. She’s trying to prove to everyone that she’s not just a Disney girl; that she has grown up and she’s trying to ditch her old image.

The problem with this is that everyone liked her old image! I admire the fact that she is trying to show the world that she can do more.

But twerking…?

I’m sorry Miley, but I’m fairly certain that you actually have to have a butt to twerk.

I don’t really mind her newest songs (we can’t stop, wrecking ball) but the videos that go with them… And her performance at the VMA’s?

First off, put that tongue back where it’s supposed to be, stop making out with a hammer and please for the love of god, PUT SOME BLOODY CLOTHES ON!

As much as I disagree with her new image and attitude, I do think that she’s entitled to do whatever she wants and if that’s the direction she want’s to go in then fine. I just think that her old hairstyle suited her better and she kind of looks like she’s trying to copycat PINK.

That is the end of my rant/opinion! I would love to know what you guys all think so add your opinion in the comment thingy below!



8 thoughts on “Miley Cyrus

  1. i agree about the needing a but to twerk and that she is going the wrong way about trying to change her image but i never thought that i’d hear you telling someone to put clothes on

  2. What I find horrible is the fact that thousands of kids looked up to her. I know it’s been ages since her TV show has stopped but 7 to10 year olds still watch it (like the repeat telecasts and all), and suddenly out of nowhere she puts up this absurd video. I mean I love her songs and they’re great, and I listen to them all the time but she seriously needs to sort her stuff out!

  3. I watched her video wrecking ball. Jesus Christ what was she doing with that hammer?!?!?! o_o

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