DIY Bedroom

Okay so I just got my room redone and its got a cream carpet and all white walls. I can do whatever I want with it as long as it doesn’t cost more than about £250. I want my room to be unique and different so I thought that I would make a lot of the things to go in my room. I already have a few ideas but I need more. So far I’ve got:

1. Floating books

2. Glow in the dark jars

3. Old mirror and then paint the frame and stick old jewellery to it

4. Wall stickers

5. Photo collage

I really need more things that me and my mum can do ourselves so please if you have any ideas comment below!!!

Thank you xxx


3 thoughts on “DIY Bedroom

  1. I’ve always wanted to have an entire wall just to doodle on, you could use thick markers and write whatever on it, memories, quotes, lyrics, drawings and stuff 🙂

  2. you can make a cool pinboard by just sticking cork tiles to the walls and the good thing is that you can make them whatever shape you want

  3. I have a few as I am doing the same thing.
    For walls HoneyComb pom poms made from tissue paper, and a Instagram wall – twine strug along the wall like 5 rows with Instagram picture on it held by clothes pegs.
    And one of my favourites knit vases, get the wool and then rap it around bottles, beer bottles wine bottles any you can find.
    These are good because you can never make them the very same again, making them unique.
    And the all cost less then $15 (not including cost of printing photos)

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