My leg is really itchy!!!

Yeah so my leg is really itchy and has been for like three days and I don’t know what’s wrong with it! There are no visible signs of anything and it’s really, really itchy! Ahhhhhhhh it’s so annoying!

I’m going swimming tomorrow morning! It’s the first time since November (I went once in January, but I was only in the pool for 30 minutes so it doesn’t count!)! and for someone who is used to training 7-9 hours a week that is a really long time! It’s not a training session but it’s a start. I’m only going because my Dad is teaching some private swimming lessons and then taking me to the doctors so he said that I may as well come to the pool and swim for a bit.

The itch has stopped now. It will be back in about and hour though!

Room update: As you know my room is being redecorated. The picture in my previous post shows the wall being pulled down ready for my walk-in wardrobe. Now that wall has been replaced and has an archway cut in it. It has also been boarded out in the actual wardrobe ready for flooring and painting! Now my Dad is pulling down the roof in the study (next to my room) because it was rotting and ready to fall down.

It’s my Dad’s birthday today and his present didn’t arrive even though I payed like £6 extra for next day delivery. Fucking amazon with their stupid fucking ‘next day deliveries that don’t arrive the next fucking day’

I learnt how to play Bella Hemming’s ‘She might love you if you learnt to play guitar’ on the ukulele without mucking up the Gm chord!

I am sat in my fluffy onesie writing this because I am cold and my Mum sewed up the hole that I found yesterday on it so now it is hole free!

I am addicted to this game called ‘Real Racing 3′. It is DA BOMB! It is awesome but it’s much better to play on the iPad instead of the iPhone or iPod. Probably because it’s a bigger screen.

Anyway I must go. I’m tired and I must watch some more episodes of Doctor Who. I do love shouting the fact that I really don’t like Christopher Eccleston as the Doctor. Urgh, he is too angry and harsh and he shouts too much!

Righto (Why did I say that? Why?)


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7 thoughts on “My leg is really itchy!!!

  1. Possible causes of the itching:
    new soap/shower gel
    chlorine from swimming?
    you’re weird (?)

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