Too Many Awards!!!

Thank you so much for all the awards I have been nominated for! I am now gonna have to start writing blog posts about them, so I’m sorry guys but it has to be done. Sorry if I bore you all into a coma…

Right, first of all… The Versatile Bloggers Award!


^^^^^^^^^^^^^There it is^^^^^^^^^^^^

Okay, 7 interesting things about me…

1. My full name is Tabytha May Gertrude Milton. Yes it is embarrassing and George please don’t tell everyone!

2. Sometimes I like to sit in the cupboard with the boiler in. Why???? It’s warm and all my books are in there!

3. I love butterscotch flavoured things.

4. I play ukulele, piano, guitar, descant recorder, treble recorder, drums and obviously the triangle!

5. I really want some castanets (you know those things flamenco dancers have?)

6. I want to eventually move to America and set up a free health clinic. But first I want to be an army doctor.

7. I crashed  a go-kart and ended up in A+E the day after my birthday! Warning: DO NOT GET IN A CAR WITH ME, I WILL GO FAST AND PROBABLY CRASH.

Now for the people I am nominating… Okay I haven’t been on WordPress that long so I don’t know 15 bloggers so I am gonna do 6…

1. Elly’s Blog. My best friend and she is an amazing blogger (way better than me)

2. Beth’s Blog. Another best friend and she’s a ginger…

3. George’s Blog. I don’t like him, he has no authority but he is a librarian at school.

4. Kaitlyn’s Blog. A girl who called me a rambler but I sit next to in English class.

5. Russell Deasley. Top tens of everything.

6. Littlemissnerdybookworm. Erm yeah it’s just a cool blog.

Yeah so Elly nominated me for this award and her blog is the first one in the list of my nominees! So there we go!



Instagram: tabeeeee_milton

Twitter: tabbymilton

Oh yeah… If I have nominated you, you need to blog about this award, say who nominated you (me!) and 7 interesting facts and 15 deserving bloggers!


6 thoughts on “Too Many Awards!!!

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  2. Ta chuck! Oh and remember at digger land when I made the bad decision to get in a real car with you and then a full size JCB! People she is not joking when she says do not EVER get in car with her, or a JCB for that matter!!! 😀

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