Miranda Moment…

Okay I’m just going to say it. I will come right out with it and I permit you to laugh at my giant fail!
It all started this morning when I got up, half asleep, at 7:45. I was getting changed and I grabbed (what i thought was) the deodorant and sprayed. Yes you Miranda watchers have guessed it… IT WAS THE FUCKING HAIRSPRAY!!! So then I did what any normal person would do and hopped around my room screaming “SHIT, IT BURNS!!!” Sometimes I am so like Miranda it is unreal! The moral of this story is make sure you NEVER, EVER put hairspray on your underarms – it fucking kills!

So anyway it’s my options evening tonight and just to make it even more confusing they have added three new options for us to choose from! ARE THEY DELIBERATELY TRYING TO MAKE MY LIFE HARDER!? I can’t make decisions! I’m only 14!

Okay I need to go because it’s my lunch break and there might very well be a cute boy hiding in the library…

Bye xxx
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