Rules… don’t you just hate them!

I hate rules. Not all of them, because some are sensible and actually make sense. School rules are the ones I mean. Our school is a stickler for rules. Ever since we go a new headteacher it has been 3 times worse! Our old head was really cool and was highly respected by everyone but the new head is horrible. She walks around tapping at her iPhone and generally looking like a witch!
These are just a few examples of our school’s stupid rules:
1. No jewellery or piercings apart form one small stud in each earlobe
2. No bobbles to be kept on wrists
3. Top buttons to be done up at all times
4. Tie to reach to waistband
5. Do not roll blazer sleeves up
6. When walking to and from school you must have your blazer on underneath your coat
7. No mobile phones between 8:55 and 3:30
8. No coloured headbands other than blue, black, silver or white
9. No flowers or bows or anything fancy in your hair
These rules are stupid! Also it clearly states in our planners that the school is only responsible for us in school hours. So why are they entitled to tell us what we can and can’t wear coming and going from school. If you are wearing a hoodie instead of your blazer when you leave school (after the bell has gone) you get told to take it off and wear your blazer. The thing is… WHY??? You are not in charge of us after the bell goes, you stupid teachers! They say it’s fine if you have the blazer on underneath but what difference does it make! Either way you can’t see it!
Another thing that happened to me and my friend Hannah was that her phone got confiscated… at 8:30… outside of school. We were stood outside of school not on school property and not in school hours and Hannah was on the phone to a girl whose house had been set on fire that morning and she was asking if she was okay and the stupid headteacher came up to us and yelled at Hannah “GET OFF YOUR PHONE NOW! I AM CONFISCATING IT UNTIL THE END OF THE DAY! GO AND HAND IT IN TO THE OFFICE!” So naturally, feeling the injustice of it all, I said to the headteacher “But Miss, school hasn’t started yet and Hannah was only checking if Fran was okay because her house was on fire.” and then I got yelled at for being cheeky and we both got told to go into school. THE BELL HADN’T EVEN GONE!
Also what’s with the rule about coloured headbands?! I once got a detention just because I was wearing a red headband! Why does this rule exist? What is it helping? How does wearing a red headband affect your learning? THESE RULES ARE STUPID!!!
Oh yeah and in P.E we aren’t allowed to wear long-sleeved things or long trousers we have to wear short sleeve tops and shorts. Even in winter! When we are outside doing orienteering! In temperatures below freezing!
Okay… Sorry this was such a long post I just needed to let it all out! Please let me know about any stupid rules that you have or if you disagree with my views. I would love to know what you think!

Sbohem (that’s Czech for goodbye!)

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