I told you so…

I told you I would write something today! I bet you didn’t believe me did you? Did you…

Anyway I said I would post but I didn’t say it was going to be good! I have no idea what to write about so you will probably end up with some weird ramblings about my day. So…

I drew a portrait last night for my art homework and it turned out quite well. It looks nothing like me but it did only take me 30 minutes. Although you don’t actually know what I look like (unless your name is Beth, Kaitlyn, Elly or George!) as I have never put a picture of me on here, so I could have told you it looked identical to me and you couldn’t have argued! But even though I am a compulsive liar I am being honest today!

That’s what I will talk about… LYING!

I am quite a good liar. I can usually wheedle my way out of situations where I am being blamed for something disasterous! For instance if I happened to get punched in the face… Yeah I was fighting this huge muderer guy that attacked my mother and he had a knife and stuff but I overpowered him with my mint karate skills. In actual fact a lava lamp fell on my face (Elly). Or if I set fire to the chemistry lab (which, let’s face it, I will probably do at some point)… Yeah, ha funny story. I was just mixing some potassium with some other highly reactive chemicals when *random person’s name* kicked me and I accidently knocked the gas tap on and knocked the highly reactive chemical mixture into the gas and then, yeah you know the rest sir.

Mostly I think I lie to make my life seem much better than it actually is like I may say… I POO RAINBOWS!!!!

Okay I have to go now I have rehearsals (not a lie) and I need a wee (that’s a lie)


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