Awkward Moments

Sorry I haven’t written in ages but I literally had no time! I had swimming, panto reahearsals, chores (boring), sleepovers and other stuff.

So today I’m gonna talk about awkward moments. Not the ones that people post on facebook going ” That awkaward moment when…. you’re wearing stripy socks!” That is not awkward, akward is waking up at a sleepover with everyone staring at you and then you realise you have drool down your chin! That has never happened to me… yet. Anyway my friend Elly gets really annoyed at these statuses and she wrote a thing about it on her blog so I thought I would too. So here it is.

Awkward moments is my fake tan fail, the time I yelled “PERIODS” really loud in the lunch hall, the time where I decided electric shocking myself was a good idea. We all have awkward moments, some more than others. I think I’m one of those people who tend to just run headfirst into awkward moments. Reckless behaviour tends to be my speciality!

On another note I met the actors playing the lead roles in babes in the woods. They are really, really nice and the guys who play the princes are really really fit! In the script it says they strip to their undies! Woop Woop!

Can’t stay got to eat lunch promise there will be a new post tomorrow!

Bye for now xxxxxx

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5 thoughts on “Awkward Moments

    • no sorry im performing on thursday but it’s during the day. im performing on the 6th 9th 13th 16th 20th 23rd 27th 29th and the 4th im at the theatre tomorrow but im there during the day not on the evening xxx

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