Iphones and Hipsters!

There is a Youtuber called Caspar Lee (super, super hot) and he did a video on how to be a ‘hipster‘. In it he said that to be a hipster you were not allowed to own anything that could be considered mainstream. It is one of the funniest videos I have seen. He also says that do what you want as long as no one else is doing it. To me being a hipster is natural. I do bizzare things and own an owl hat, cow hat, rainbow hat and am soon gonna own a llama hat. If someone else starts to do what I do I stop doing whatever it is I was doing! Nowadays if you aren’t mainstream you are not cool. Therefore being a hipster is an art. Weird but not too weird.

The thing is you can tell who’s got a bit of hipster in them because of the phone they have. Iphone = mainstream. Blackberry = mainstream. HTC = kinda mainstream. Samsung = kinda mainstream. Nokia Lumia = hipster. Phone older than 4 years = UNCOOL MAN!!! I have an orange rio and while it’s not the greatest phone it is NOT mainstream and it does exactly what I want! I strongly recommend watching ‘How to be a Hipster’ by Casper Lee. I will put a link to the video at the bottom.

The next thing I have been told (I mean threatened at knife point!) to mention that my friend Elly has a blog here on WordPress and would like me to ask you to read it and if you like it follow it. Her blog is called ‘Elly the Welly’ and is filled with llamas and stuff. Also she is obsessed with me (even if she says otherwise…), just look at the amount of pics she has of me!

Anyway I have to go to swimming training now…

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