Fake Tan Fail…

I read a book once (it has since become my boy bible!) that said the art of dating comes down to confidence. If you don’t have it fake it. The exact words were ‘fake it till you feel it’. I decided to apply this to my physical appearance *FACEPALM*.I can already hear the groans of disapproval! I decided that my legs were too pale and I needed to fake it with spray tan *FACEPALM*. My mum had given me some St Morriz ‘tan in a can’ so I stood in the bath and started to spray my legs… Only to notice that the tan stuff had gone – wait for it – GREEN!!! In my head I was going ‘SHIT! SHIT SHIT!’ on the outside I like to think I looked cool and collected – ha fat chance! So I grabbed my mum’s spray tan stuff and sprayed that over the top * ANOTHER FUCKIN’ FACEPALM*. Well… You can probably guess that my legs weren’t exactly the bronzed colour I wanted!

This is just one of the fails that make up my life! Here’s a few examples…

I thought venison was skunk *FACEPALM* I thought Salvador Dali was a country instead of a painter *FACEPALM* I decided that touching a bunsen burner was a good idea *FACEPALM* I got chocolate face mask stuck in my eyebrows *FACEPALM*

My life is just a load of fails and laughable moments.

Tell me about your worst (or best) fails in the comments. We can all laugh at each other – I mean come on, none of us are actually gonna offer decent advice!

Yours truly faked and failed

Tabby x

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