Okay hi everyone! Sorry I haven’t written in ages! Things have been a little busy! I have panto rehearsals, swimming, homework, latin club and other mundane stuff! So I will start from (near) the beginning!

Halloween: I am 13 and am the most immature person in the world so me and my friends and sister went trick or treating! I haven’t really been trick or treating that many times because my dad doesn’t like it! So anyway we all went round the charity shops and got tutus and stuff and made costumes! It was so much fun and it wasn’t even cold!

Elly’s fit cousin: Elly is my best friend and invited me to go to diggerland with her. I said yes and she told me her cousins were also coming. The elder one, Josh, was extremely hot. At diggerland me and Elly were the quietest we have ever been and Josh was so nice. They had this big soft play area and me, Elly, Josh and his brother Taylor had a massive fight with the balls! Also me, Elly and Taylor got told off for speeding in a huge JCB truck thing. Actually I think his exact words were “You were shreddin’ the arse of that!” Also the next day we had a bonfire party and I drank cider! Yay!

Music: Okay…. I finally charged my iPod up and found that it had the album “Fantastic 80’s” and I actually listened to it! Also anyone who actually reads this you NEED to check out Two Door Cinema Club and Lonely Island and Lonsdale Boys Club and Fools Garden. Music = Mintage!!!!!

Right okay so whoa that is my last few weeks summarised in about 300 words! To recap:

Whoa Elly’s cousin is hot, fit and one of the biggest flirts ever…

Whoa my taste in music has changed…

Whoa I actually went trick or treating…

Whoa my life is chaotic and way too much shit happens to me! Till next time adieu….. (is that spelt right?)



3 thoughts on “Whoa!!!

  1. Tabby, you are to forget about that boy immediatly! He is not very nice! He has completely stopped talking to Izzy! Oh i have a new post!!! Read it please, oh and get your followers to check out my blog! Thank you xxx Das ist all xxx 😀

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